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Coach Kevin's Weight Loss Workbook
A 30-Day Action Plan and Activity Guide For Safe and Permanent Weight Loss! 


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Hello, my name is Coach Kevin Trumpfeller. I am a Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Nurse and former US Army Medical Instructor & Master Fitness Trainer...and I have CRAZY HIGH Blood Pressure!

More accurately I USED to have dangerously high blood pressure until I learned to make the necessary lifestyle changes like diet, nutrition and exercise to control my hypertension WITHOUT medication.

As a Holistic Health Coach, I now teach, coach and train others how to control their high blood pressure through these same simple healthy lifestyle changes. 

I am in the process of organizing my coaching program for controlling hypertension into a workbook that anyone with high blood pressure (or borderline high BP) can use to lower their blood pressure - naturally! I hope to have it available on Amazon by February 1st. I'll keep you posted. Coach Kevin

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Many thanks to everyone who downloaded the Kindle copy of my book on New Year's! It hit #85 on the Amazon charts that day! I certainly appreciate the support.
I will offer another Free Kindle Download soon, but please keep in mind that my Weight Loss Workbook is intended as a fill-in-the-blank journal and diary and the "hard" copy will provide the best results. My hardcopies should be arriving in a day or two and I will record a video of the unveiling. Watch for additional videos of suggestions on how best to use your Weight Loss Workbook for best results! - Coach Kevin

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NEW BOOK - Coach Kevin's WEIGHT LOSS WORKBOOK is now available in softcover from CreateSpace and Amazon just in time for the New Year!

You can check it out on Createspace HERE or on Amazon HERE.
Both are PRINT versions as the book contains exercises, worksheets and diary and journal pages that are meant to be filled out and written on.

Originally intended as a workbook to accompany my Weight Loss Workshops, this educational and motivational guide is now available as a stand-alone resource for anyone who needs help reaching their weight loss goals.
Coach Kevin's Weight Loss Workbook contains over 200 pages of educational course material, worksheets, weight loss activities and blank food diary and food and activity journal pages...enough for thirty days!

My Weight Loss Workbook will help you:
  • Identify and write your weight loss goals. 
  • Explain and understand the reasons WHY you want to lose weight. 
  • Explain the need to POST copies of your written weight loss goals. 
  • How to Record your starting weight and beginning measurements. 
  • Help you list the foods and drinks that you normally eat. 
  • Evaluate that list of foods and drinks. 
  • Identify healthier foods that you SHOULD eat. 
  • Develop a list of fruits to add to your diet. 
  • Take photos of your "before" cabinets and fridge. 
  • Evaluate the GARBAGE foods in your kitchen. 
  • Swear an Oath to get rid of that garbage. 
  • Calculate the amount of water you SHOULD drink. 
  • Make a practice run to the store with your new list. 
  • Identify ways to move more and exercise. 
  • Identify how to handle stress without eating. 
  • Identify your Weight Loss support system.

And so much more....Order your copy today and start losing weight by making positive changes in your diet, health and happiness!

Thanks! Coach Kevin Trumpfeller

If you know someone who could benefit from my Weight Loss book, workshop or course, I would appreciate the share.
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The first 30 days of Basic Training Bootcamp are FREE!

Coach Kevin is attempting to find sponsors to help defray costs for those recruits who cannot afford extended training and coaching.

If you would like to sponsor a Future Soldier's training please donate here. If you can't afford to help personally, please help by spreading the word...

To discuss Sponsorship Opportunities, ask questions, or receive additional information contact Coach Kevin Trumpfeller by phone or text at (702) 219-1696, or by email at emailcoachkevin@gmail.com

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Once folks discover that I’m a Health and Fitness Coach, the first question they ask is “What can I do to be healthier?”

I assume they are asking “What’s the simplest thing I can do to look better, feel better, make healthier choices?” My response is always DRINK MORE WATER!

Our bodies are mostly (60%) water. Drinking more fresh, CLEAN water is still the best starting point for maintaining a healthy body. Not cola, coffee, tea, juice, beer or energy drinks. WATER. If you need these other beverages (although you should never NEED cola or soft drinks) drink your water FIRST, then, that cup of coffee or tea.

Unless your live in some idyllic place surrounded by a crystal clear, fresh spring, babbling brook public water supply...AVOID TAP WATER. If there is any way that you can afford bottled (especially purified) water, it is a wise investment in your health. Why?

Let’s look at my local tap water. It was pumped from a nearby lake, minimally processed, filtered, fluoridated and chlorinated. It flows to my condo through aged and deteriorating pipes and plumbing and then flows from my tap that is crusted with calcium and mineral deposits...IF it makes it through the sand clogged screen. In your house it may also travel through your water softener which also adds sodium to your tap water.

After you use that water to drink or bathe or flush your toilet, it travels back to another treatment facility where it is again minimally processed and filtered and flows downstream back to that same lake - and the entire process begins again. My tap water stinks, tastes BAD and has visible “floaties”. The website of my local water supply company has posted warnings to pregnant and breastfeeding women to consult their physician before consuming.

I spend less than 89 cents on average for a gallon of purified water. If I could carry more, (I walk to the neighboring store) I would buy more and it would be even cheaper. Your choice, but it has made a noticeable and positive difference in MY health.

But, back to why you should drink water.
  • Water cleanses your organs and digestive system and helps your body maintain adequate blood volume. It helps your liver and kidneys filter and eliminate excess sodium and toxins. Water consumption also reduces the occurrence of kidney stones. And proper hydration helps brain function and also reduces headaches.
  • Proper hydration allows/aids perspiration (sweating) which also eliminates toxins and helps regulate body temperature. It can also improve the condition and appearance of your skin.
  • Water aids digestion, reduces calorie consumption and reduces the occurrence of constipation.

OK, I’m convinced! How much water should I drink?
Take your weight and divide by 2. That number is a good starting point for the number of ounces you should consume. For example: if you weigh 160 pounds/2= 80 ounces. So for you eight ten ounce glasses (actually many coffee cups are 10 ounces) spread throughout the day would be a good starting point. Drink more if it’s hot and you are sweating more. And drink that first glass of water as soon as you wake up.

Try increasing your water intake, replacing tap water with purified water and reducing or eliminating soft drinks, energy drinks, sweetened or flavored juices and drinks and you WILL experience positive and healthy changes as early as one to two weeks!
Thanks for your time. - Coach Kevin

NOTE: Who should NOT drink more water?
If you have cardiac issues and you’ve been prescribed diuretics and/or you are on a fluid restricted diet OR you have any renal (kidney) issues DO NOT INCREASE YOUR FLUID INTAKE. Always consult your physician before making changes that would affect your diet or medical condition.

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Hello! My name is Coach Kevin Trumpfeller. I am a Certified Health and Fitness Coach and this is my new Blog. Soon to be the best place online to find current fitness, health and nutrition information, the occasional rant or rave, and an often humorous but always honest look at the world. 

I am qualified to coach both adults and children and specialize in coaching families in person and 'virtually' online. My credentials and list of health & fitness certifications and experience are available on my about page.

"I help families like yours make healthier choices and live HAPPIER and healthier lives." - Coach Kevin Trumpfeller
I hope to see you here again soon. If you have any specific questions or concerns that you would like addressed, please leave a comment below or use my contact page. Thanks, Coach Kevin Trumpfeller